Established in 1982
Ages 2 1/2 - 10 years old, OPEN Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

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Dear Parents,


The most important thing in your lives is the well-being, both mental and physical, of your children. It is paramount that they, during their early formative years be in an environment which promotes their growth – social, intellectual, physical and emotional. It is during these vital years that your child is the most energetic, creative, questioning – and most important to all – open to learning.


At YUMA PRESCHOOL, through group sharing of everyday experiences, your child will develop a willingness to talk, to have personal security in group situations, and the ability to listen, observe, and follow directions. Such activities as playing games, singing songs, listening to records, picture books and telling stories are utilized to develop language and listening abilities.


We also recognize the child as an individual, each with their own capabilities, limitations or special needs. Our curriculum, as well as activities is based upon this important fact. We concentrate upon developing the individual potential of each child to promote a good self-image, independence, self-discipline and creativity. A child will do their best work only when they perceive the reason for it. The specific curriculum set-up for each day or week always has choices for the child to make in each area.


Our program is aimed toward the development of meaning rather than isolated bits of information. New ideas are based upon previously developed concepts, and in all areas the children are guided so that they learn by discovery. Creativity is also encouraged as the children apply their knowledge in new situations. We try to teach in such a way that each learning experience is directed towards recognition and used in the everyday world around them. The whole learning atmosphere is full of fun and excitement so that the child will want to learn.


The staff of YUMA PRESCHOOL is devoted to the goal of caring for your child. Our teachers meet state requirements to ensure quality instruction and have a genuine love for children.


Come and join us!


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