Minimal Staff Turnover (Experience and Tenure)

We know that starting pre-school can be scary and overwhelming for some children. And it can be just as scary for parents. So we hire only the most nurturing and attentive educators who provide an "environment for learning and love." The majority of our staff has been with us for more than 15 years, and some have been with us since our inception. One of our primary goals is that every student establishes healthy, secure attachments with their educators. 

Location, Location, Location 

Yuma Pre-School is conveniently located at 870 W. 32nd Street, across from Barnes and Noble, one block from the Yuma Union High School District Office, a stone's throw from the Yuma Border Patrol Station, hospital and medical offices, both on the mesa and in the Yuma Valley. In addition to a great location, we have extremely convenient and safe drop-off and pick-up policies.

Bi-annual Progress Reports

We care about your child’s academic evolution at Yuma Pre-School. We want to ensure they have the absolute best academic and social foundation for their future to be built upon. This is precisely why we conduct two official progress reports every calendar year. While attending Yuma Pre-School, your child’s growth and progress will be assessed against the benchmarks for their age, program, and curricula. We do this for three reasons: 1. We want to ensure we are effectively conveying all of the concepts your child needs to learn while in our care, 2. We want to ensure you, as parents, are aware of what we are teaching, what your child is learning, and the purpose behind it all, and 3. We want to ensure your child has internalized the concepts introduced. We endorse transparency and encourage our parents to communicate with us regarding their child’s needs.

Annual Complimentary Dental Screenings 

Yuma Pre-School participates in the First Smiles of Yuma program conducted by The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and First Things First. This complimentary program provides dental education, screenings, and optional fluoride varnish to Yuma Pre-School students. 

Students receive a goodie bag with a toothbrush of their choice, toothpaste, flossers, timer, book, and fun stickers. Our teachers have received an oral health book for the classroom and other supporting teaching tools to help teach and reinforce healthy oral hygiene practices.