4 Year-Olds (Red Program)

We value the whole child at Yuma Pre-School. Additionally, we value all forms of education and exposure to ensure your child receives the absolute best educational foundation. Our educators are seasoned in only the most effective teaching methods while adhering to the best academic programs and curriculum.  We take benchmark concepts for each and every age group we serve, and ensure the lessons are exciting, engaging, and most importantly, age-appropriate. The three methodologies that guide our school's standards are Habits of Mind, STEAM, and Arts Enrichment. 

The 16 Habits of Mind are dispositions that empower creative and critical thinking for success in school and in life. Young children need to learn how to persist, listen with understanding, develop empathy, and manage their natural impulsivity. These are just four of the 16 Habits of Mind Yuma Pre-School students learn for character cultivation and successful learning.

The teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Mathematics (STEAM) has become a national priority. There is a growing realization that STEAM educational experiences—particularly when designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, and persistence—lead to greater problem-solving skills and better equip young people for the changing world they will face.

Our Arts Enrichment programs (painting, drawing, music, and rhythm) not only help the students develop confidence in their abilities from a young age, but are considered critical is because the brain develops so rapidly during pre-school years. But rather, they are considered critical in their education because the brain is developing so rapidly during the pre-school age. Research shows that learning art, music, and other enrichment skills help the children excel in their future educational performance.

As a student in our Pre-K Program, your child will learn and practice the following benchmarks:

1. Critical Thinking
2. Creativity and Imagination 
3. Social Interaction Skills
4. Productive Work Habits: Listening Attentively, Following Directions, Working Both Independently and In Groups
5. Concepts: Introduction to Deductive Reasoning and Problem Solving 
6. Math: Counting to 100
7. Foundational Science 
8. Language Arts and Sentence Structure
9. Letter and Word Recognition 
10. Identification of All Shapes 
11. Understanding the Concept of Sets 
12. Personal Curiosity and Anatomy 
13. Gross Motor Skills and Exploratory Movement 
14. Fine Motor Skills 

Ms. Raquel has been the lead teacher in the Pre-K program for 15 years. She has a  stellar track record in ensuring all Yuma Pre-School Pre-K graduates are fully prepared for kindergarten. She is inspirational, fun, and engaging while maintaining the perfect blend of structure and discipline. Come in and meet our phenomenal Pre-K teachers— they will welcome your child into their classrooms with open arms.