Admission and Release Requirements
State rules and regulations require you to sign your child in and out of Yuma Pre-School’s care each day they are in attendance. Please note, initials of parents and/or guardians are not permitted, only full signatures meet state guidelines. Thank you for your understanding. 
Enrollment and Disenrollment Policies
Yuma Pre-School is non-discriminatory, and we believe in equal attention and care for all children regardless of race, national origin, ancestry, religion, and/or special needs. While enrolled at Yuma Pre-School, a completed registration form, emergency information form, and immunization records must be provided. If you withdraw your children and wish to re-enroll them during the same program there is a 300.00  enrollment fee to do so. 
Please contact the office staff you choose to disenroll from Yuma Pre-School. Additionally, Yuma Pre-School reserves the right to disenroll a child for any reason it deems necessary. 
Accidents and Emergencies
Staff members are well-trained in first aid and CPR. Should emergency action be required, parents will be notified immediately. No exceptions. If necessary, the child will be taken to his/her primary care provider (PCP) or the nearest hospital. If Yuma Pre-School staff are unable to reach the parents, staff will then call the additional emergency contacts listed on your registration information. It is imperative that all medical and emergency information be kept current. 
Discipline and Behavior Modification Protocols
At Yuma Pre-School, we always approach behavior modification and discipline with a positive and hopeful attitude. We see discipline, not as punishment, but rather a means of helping children learn “acceptable behavior”, according to their emotional, intellectual, and physical development. 
Most problems are avoided by redirecting the children often throughout the day with structured activities and lessons. If problematic behaviors persist, parents will be contacted and a meeting requested. During this meeting the School Director, Teacher, and Parents can all work collectively to establish a positive and productive behavior modification plan, ensuring a "united front approach" and better success rates. 
Fire Safety
To promote safety and awareness, fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis. Children are calmly and carefully instructed on what to do in case of a fire emergency. Evacuation plans are clearly posted in the school for all to see. 
We request that a spare change of clothing always be readily accessible while your child is attending Yuma Pre-School, as accidents do happen! Because of this, we require a change of clothing to be kept in each student's backpack, with the child’s name clearly labeled on all clothing tags. Please avoid flip-flops and sandals that do not buckle, as they can cause falls or other safety accidents. 
As a protection to other children, any child with a temporary infection should be kept at home until healed. If your child has been exposed to a contagious disease, please watch him/her carefully and notify the school. Please remember, ill children belong at home to rest and recuperate. Only well children belong at school. Additionally, unnecessary absences, not wellness-related, may have a negative effect on attitude, performance, and progress. Please call the school or use Brightwheel messaging to notify us of your child's illness and absence. Any clarification questions, please call the Yuma Pre-School office staff— they will gladly answer any questions you may have.