Our Staff 

At Yuma Pre-School, we concentrate on developing the unique potential of every child through a process of structured choice. Our programs develop strong self-images, healthy independence, and self-discipline — all while encouraging the desire for creative expression. 

Our teachers and staff are the genuine heartbeats of the school. A couple of them have been providing love and learning since we opened 30 years ago. We are blessed to have a strong sense of family among our staff members, and our students benefit from our respect and trust for one another.

All staff maintains:

  • Fingerprint/Clearance Card
  • CPR and First Aid Certifications 
  • Food Handlers Cards
  • 18 hours of Continuing Education Annually 
  • The values of Yuma Pre-School and perpetuates its mission daily


Meet Our Staff:

Ms. Sandy

Owner and School Director

I believe that all children who enter the doors of Yuma Pre-School are special and have unique needs. It’s our job to know their individual needs to navigate how to best approach their learning and growth successfully. We take very seriously the task of preparing them for public school— all while helping them cultivate character and strong social skills. We truly are an environment of learning and love.” 



Engagement Director

“I strive daily to build a great relationship with all of our parents. I believe that providing caring, respectful interaction, as well as consistent professional service, is the key to our success.”


Ms. Denise

Pre-K Program 

“My absolute favorite thing about working at Yuma Pre-School is the children— every child greets you with a smile and a huge hug! How can you not have a wonderful day after that? It is my goal to encourage communication, compassion, and positive interaction each and every day at Yuma Pre-School. ”


Ms. Cindy

Two Year Old Program Teacher

“Fun fact: I have loved being a teacher at Yuma Pre-School for 34 years now! One of my absolute favorite aspects of teaching that long has been impacting literally generations of little ones and helping them grow into wonderful, happy, successful adults. My primary goal as an educator is to ensure every child develops the confidence to move forward to their next phase of education and carries this confidence through every phase in their life." 


Ms. Rosa 

School Cook

“I believe that children need healthy, well-balanced snacks and meals to feel their best. I am dedicated to ensuring all children get the care, nutrition they need— including being very attentive to allergy and dietary requests. Let’s be honest- food makes everyone happy and I enjoy seeing the students enjoy their mealtime at Yuma Pre-School


Ms. Tania

“I love being able to tap into my inner child and play along with the students' huge imagination without the fear of being judged, not to mention knowing that you are taking care of the most vulnerable people among us, helping them learn and grow into responsible people safe and happy is very rewarding. It's a big responsibility and one that
I definitely feel comfortable in doing so."


Ms. Carlena

“Working at Yuma Preschool has been such an honor and a privilege. My goal is to encourage creativity, social skills and help prepare for their future academics. It's been so rewarding to watch them grow and to be a part of their lives."



Ms. Julie

“I've had many different jobs in my life, and I believe that there is nothing more satisfying than working with our children. The impact we have on these little hearts and minds is so important not only for their future but also for our future generations."